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Class Offerings

Explore a diverse range of classes catering to all fitness levels, from high-intensity workouts to mind-body sessions. Join our community, where the joy of movement meets a motivating environment. Your wellness journey starts here at the RACC – check out our schedule below and embark on a personalized fitness adventure.


Let's achieve your goals together!

Group Exercise Schedule  (GEX)

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Class Descriptions

Beauty and the Barbell:

Ladies only barbell class teaching strength fundamentals. Learn how to confidently perform the major barbell lifts and learn just how strong your body can be! 

 Limited to 10 participants, MUST pre-register! Warm-up starts at 11:15am!

Floor and Core:

LOW IMPACT Challenging but gentle mat work with dumbbells. Focus is on core and postural control muscles!  Bring a mat.


Full body strength circuits and Tabata routines using machines and free weights. Power through your workout with a coach and friends. MUST pre-register!


Less intense positions compared to yoga with more intensive balance and isometric work. It will lengthen AND strengthen your muscles in ways you'll love!


LOW IMPACT Engage in a series of strength & cardio exercises designed to build strength, endurance, and agility during this heart pumping, Tabata timed circuit! 

*Note that 'Space Rental' classes listed are an outside service offering 

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